Apr 2024

Empowering women: changing the rhetoric for climate action



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In today's world, where the consequences of climate change are becoming increasingly dire, there is a growing recognition of the need for collective action. Higher temperatures and melting glaciers are already a palpable reality, and 2023 is tipped to be the hottest year in history.

What's more, scientists predict temperatures will rise further in 2024, which will affect everyone. However, those who are most at risk—due to factors such as geography, poverty, gender, age, minority status, or disability—are particularly at high risk of experiencing the severe consequences of climate change on human rights. Sawari, an entrepreneur, is based in Yelachahalli village in Hoskote taluka of Bangalore Rural district. She said people used to consider working with garbage as unethical. Today, Sarvari has her own warehouse and has recruited more women to expand the waste sorting practice. In Maskuri, when her husband suffered a back injury, Sawari found herself in a position to support her family.

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