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Working to accelerate India's journey towards climate resilience

ClimateRISE Alliance is bringing together over 100 civil society organisations, think tanks, intermediary groups and funding organisations. The collaborative platform aims to shape an India view, a common vocabulary, and enable a multi-stakeholder engagement approach on intersectional climate action in India for the most vulnerable communities.

Impact of the climate change

India experienced a climate disaster per day for the first 9 months in 2022

India is reported to be the second highest in deaths due to climate change

From 2004, India’s heatwave related deaths have increased by 55%

36 Million people in India are at risk of coastal flooding

62% of assessed species in India are threatened with extinction

80% of people displaced by climate change are women

Need for Action

As India grapples with the severity of the global climate catastrophe, our vulnerable and marginalized communities are most at risk. Confronting systemic barriers and limited resources, these groups are vulnerable to the detrimental effects of rising temperatures, increased frequency of natural disasters, and diminishing access to food and water. Building resilience is key to ensuring that we minimize the risks arising from climate-induced events. Prioritizing women, people with disabilities, tribal communities, low-income groups, and other marginalized communities who have been excluded from the social and economic mainstream is crucial.

The climate crisis cannot be addressed in isolation, particularly in a country like India. We need to look at climate change in connection with other development priorities like food security, livelihood, urban planning, and conservation. An intersectional approach that is centered on equity and inclusion is crucial; there is a need for diverse stakeholders to come together to build consensus and chart a collaborative path towards resilience for our most vulnerable communities.

Pathways to Change

ClimateRISE Alliance seeks to broaden the global climate discourse by actively mainstreaming the perspectives from Global South countries such as India to account for the unique challenges faced by them, such as high population with vulnerability to extreme weather events, and limited resources for building community resilience.

The impacts of the crisis spotlight on the need to shift the narratives on climate towards incorporating a strong intersectional and community resilience lens.

Our Partners

With an exceptional network of organizations leading the charge in climate action across India, ClimateRISE Alliance works towards changing the global climate discourse. The alliance collaborates by integrating intersectional perspectives into the conversation, ensuring a more inclusive and comprehensive approach to addressing the challenges of our changing climate.

WRI India
Foundation for Ecological Security
Observer Research Foundation
Bharat Agroecology Fund
Environmental Defence Fund
Hasiru Dala
Biome Environmental Trust
Buzz Women
National Institute of Urban Affairs
Ecological Restoration Alliance
Pragati Abhiyan
Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation
Swayam Shikshan Prayog
Biodiversity Collaborative
Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology and the Environment
Swami Vivekananda Youth Movement
Tech for Wildlife
SELCO Foundation
Waste Warriors
India Climate Collaborative
The Nature Conservancy
Integrated Research and Action for Development
Kushaagra Innovations Foundation
Revitalising Rainfed Agriculture
Praja Foundation
CEPT Research and Development Foundation
Uttarayan Wildlife

Our Supporters

The efforts and initiatives we undertake are supported by these valued partners. Their contributions are vital to our success and progress.

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